Add Your Own Style to Your Space with Furniture Accessories

Without accessories your living spaces will feel incomplete. Make your rooms come alive with stylish and functional furniture accessories such as lamps, tables, and wall art.


Lighting can change the mood and the perceived size of a room. You’ll want to choose lamps that work well with your room’s size, furniture, and availability of natural light. Be sure to consider scale: a small table lamp will be lost in a large room and a large lamp will overpower a smaller piece of furniture. When placed strategically, larger framed floor lamps can illuminate an entire room. Table lamps can be both functional and decorative. Consider each table lamp’s shape, size, height, and style to be sure it will fulfill your lighting needs and work with your decor.


Accent tablescome in a variety of different styles, depending on their intended use.

  • Coffee or Cocktail Tables:These low tables are usually positioned at the center of a living room set for you to put drinks and small items on. They often have storage shelves underneath for magazines and other items.
  • End Tables:These small tables are usually placed on either side of the couch or sofa or beside chairs to hold decorative pieces and/or lamps.
  • Console or Sofa Tables:These wide tables can be placed in any room or in hallways and entryways. A console table only has two legs and has to be placed against a wall, whereas a sofa table is placed in front of or behind a
  • Side Tables:Side tables are meant to be placed against a wall, apart from your room’s main table. Sometimes these tables are paired with a chair and used as a desk.

Art and Wall Decor

Bare walls make a room feel impersonal and incomplete. Add art and wall decor to create a focal point, since it is one of the first things your guests will notice when they enter a room. You can also use art and wall decor to provide a color palette to your room. Whether you are building your room around a piece of art or tying together multiple colors and shades in your room, a beautiful piece of wall decor can help you achieve a cohesive look.

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