Bed and Mattress Buying Tips

Choosing the perfect bed and mattress are the first steps to creating a welcoming retreat where you can sleep well and wake refreshed. Not only the focal point of most bedroom decor, you will also likely be spending one-third of each day sleeping and relaxing in your bed and on your mattress. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best fit for your space and lifestyle.

Bed Size

Consider the size of your bedroom along with your current and future furniture layouts when choosing the size of your bed. Where will you be placing your bed in your bedroom? Will you be adding or eliminating any other bedroom furniture? Be sure to allow plenty of space to walk between furniture pieces and don’t choose a bed that is too large for a small bedroom. Take some time to look at your bedroom and measure out how each size of bed will actually fit in the space: twin (38” x 75”), XL twin (38” x 80”), full: (53” x75”), queen (60” x 80”), king (76” x 80”), or California King (72” x 84”).

Bed Style

Are you looking for a fun bed for a child’s bedroom or a classic wood bed for your master bedroom? Choose a style that suits the bedroom’s decor and occupants. Also consider how each bed supports its box spring and mattress (solid platform, slats, or metal frame). Bed frames directly influence sleep quality, so be sure to choose one that offers adequate support.


If your mattress is more than seven years old, it has deep indentations, or you often wake with aches and pains due to tossing and turning, you need a new mattress! You likely already know the size of mattress you are shopping for, but here are a few other factors to consider:

  • Firmness: Side sleepers and lighter individuals (less than 130 pounds) typically prefer a softer mattress and back/stomach sleepers and heavier individuals (more than 230 pounds) typically prefer a firmer mattress.
  • Conforming ability: A mattress’ conforming ability is dependent its comfort layer (the cover/topmost layers). Mattresses with thicker memory foam and/or latex comfort layers tend to offer the best conforming ability.
  • Motion isolation: Choose a mattress that specifically minimizes motion transfer if you wish to reduce nightly disruptions from your partner getting out of bed or changing positions.
  • Edge support: Foam and latex mattresses provide little to no edge support while coil-based cores reinforced in high-density foam typically offer the best edge support.
  • Temperature neutrality: Foam mattresses tend to be the warmest, and latex mattresses tend to be cooler, while hybrids and innersprings are usually the most temperature-neutral options.

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