Benefits of Power Recliners for Elderly Users

Power recliners blend innovative technology and contemporary style to create comfortable seating that is perfect for elderly users and those in assisted living, as well as individuals with back or knee problems. While a manual recliner requires strength to open and generally only offers 2 positions (open and closed), a power recliner adjusts to multiple angles for sleeping, sitting, and every position in between.

Physical Benefits

Putting your feet up doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you, too. Medical evidence has proven there are physical and therapeutic benefits to sitting in a reclining position for at least an hour a day, such as back pressure relief, reduced swelling in feet and joints, enhanced posture, and stress relief.

Easy to Use

Manual recliners require you pull a handle to release the footrest and the use of leg strength to close it, as well as physical force to adjust the seat into your desired position. Often, the weight of your body then causes the recliner to close or move. Power recliners can recline your body to your desired angle and hold the position until you press a button to change it, allowing you to find and hold the perfect setting for ultimate comfort.


Most power recliners look and function just like conventional recliners and come in a wide variety of styles to match your existing furniture and design. A power recliner may not even need to be located near an electrical source since many models now come equipped with wireless rechargeable battery packs.

Additional Features

Many power recliners also come with a wide range of additional features to add to users’ comfort such as:

  • Dual motor to allow feet and back to be adjusted separately.
  • Massage and heating options built into seats and backrests to help users fall asleep and alleviate back pain.
  • Side pockets for storing magazines, books, and newspapers.
  • Slide out tables hidden in armrests can be pulled out to rest books, eat meals, or use a laptop device.
  • Emergency battery backup to deal with power blackouts and other power issues.

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