Benefits of Power Recliners for Elderly Users


Power recliners blend innovative technology and contemporary style to create comfortable seating that is perfect for elderly users and those in assisted living, as well as individuals with back or knee problems. While a manual recliner requires strength to open and generally only offers 2 positions (open and closed), a power recliner adjusts to multiple … [Read more…]

England Furniture Designed by You


We’re a furniture outlet largely known for specializing in American brands and styles. So, why are we all worked up about a brand called England Furniture? Well, despite its European-sounding name, England Furniture is one of this country’s finest custom furniture makers. Founded in 1964 by the England Brothers of East Tennessee, England Furniture has … [Read more…]

Reclining in Style


There once was a time when “recliners” was a dirty word in the interior decorating world, associated with large, masculine behemoths covered in leather or poly-blend upholstery. Were they comfortable? You betcha. Were they desirable from a design standpoint? Not so much. But that’s changed dramatically in the past decade or so. It’s time to … [Read more…]